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TSUNDOKU  Book Badges

Limited edition first reelease of a Readers' Niche series.


This series of badges are based on Words that define Book lovers, People who read in Bed, People who love the smell of new books.

Our first gold and black badge is TSUNDOKU- short translation is a book hoarder.

Long translation is people who buy way more books than they can ever read but can never be parted from them.

Book hoarders and  book collectors  are the same thing in the world of Readers' Niche so Badge up while you can 

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Beautiful and controversial banned book covers (banned at different times in various states of the USA) have been made into these magnificent bracelets . 

 Designed in America to support the American Office of Intellectual Freedom.

Did you know- To Kill a Mockingbird was once banned in Minnesota due to word "damn" being used used in the novel (1977).

 Each bracelet has small metal enamel replicas of the book covers on links which are joined by stretchable nylon elastic. One link also features the statement "I read banned books".

 Adult Bracelet   : 9 Titles as shown and each tile, or book cover, is 3/4" x 1"; the circumference of the bracelet is 6 3/8".

The Color Purple by Alice Walker
Go Ask Alice by Anonymous
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden
Howl by Allen Ginsberg
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll  

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